How V9 works?

V9 aids you in finding tutor on the basis of your requirement. Our teaching methods are categorized in two categories. One is teacher-centered approach to learning where first teacher helps the students to get through the syllabus or any topic thoroughly and other is student centered approach where student is free to ask his/her doubt freely to teacher. Other approaches which V9 adopt to learning are surface learning, deep learning and strategic learning. Above all approaches helps us in filling empty vessels with knowledge.

About V9Tutors

The tutors at V9 are either highly qualified or pursuing higher qualification. Every tutor has advanced proficiency in English. The tutors are categorized on the basis of their qualification as well as on their capability to teach particular class/level students or particular subject. The tutors are tagged with Bronze, Silver and Gold Category (as B Category, S Category, G Category, B+S/S+G/G+B Category, B+S+G Category). Each tag has unique sense. The Bronze Category tutor provides his/her tutoring services from kindergarten student to class 5th students. Similarly, Silver Category and Gold Category tutor provides his/ her tutoring services from class 6th to class 12th and College Level respectively. The B+S Category tutor teaches the students from kindergarten to class 12th. Similarly all other combinations work.


The services provided by V9 are as:

  • Home Tutor: In this service V9 tutor will be providing tutoring classes at the home of the student.

  • Live Class: In this service V9 tutor will be providing the class to individual or group (as demanded by you) via video chat. The students can ask their doubt on the spot. 

  • Topic Class: To resolve the doubt in particular topic V9 provides the topic class where tutor will be teaching only that particular topic for duration chosen by you.

  • Individual or Group class: In this service one has to attend the class at physical location of V9 learning classses. One can join it as individual or in group.



We  focus on each and every aspect needed to be a good student. we aims not only on the academic excellence but also on skills enhancement and personality development. Along with accomplishment of academic curriculum we help the students in their projects or guide them to perform well in the competition or program they have participated. We organize various test series to boost the confidence of students.

We try to cover the syllabus 2-3 months prior to exams so that students get enough time for revision class